My Projects

These are the projects I have been working on:

01. Twitch to Notion script

This is actually just a small script I made for myself to track the performance of my streams. It uses the export files from twitch and turns them into Notion-Readable files that can then be integrated into a database to filter for data.

02. SmartSnek

Knowledge-Database Discord Bot that uses Notion as a backend and provides information around the game ARK.

03. HandsomeSquidward

Tracking and Entertainment Discord-Bot that welcomes users and offers comedical value.

(Both Discord Bots are used in my Discord)

04. Zen Markdown Editor

This markdown editor is my entry for the hashnode and netlify hackathon

05. Lost Ark Planner

Cooperarion-Project with @coldino for the Coding Channel. Lost Ark Quest Tracker.