It's all about Python! My first few days in #100DaysOfCode

It's all about Python! My first few days in #100DaysOfCode

100% more fun, 50% less grind.


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A little update on the first few days of my modified #100DaysOfCode. We're all here to hold each other accountable! I did finish 4 days of my 100 days and I am quite happy with it. I tried to make things fun and light after struggling with everything and everyone for a week.

Day 1/100:

As mentioned, I used this day to start writing a script of my paid course into my notion-workspace. I managed to get through the first 7 lessons of videos, writing notes, and making sure, I understood things. If this isn't the best chance to check what I memorized, then I don't know what is.

Day 2/100:

I watched some videos of the Python tutorials of Socratica. I feel like their videos are on point, no big smalltalk around, and also quite funny. The Sci-Fi setting is really fitting and helps to pull yourself out of boring real-life coding examples but kinda puts them into the tutorial "lore". But watch for yourself:

Day 3/100

I worked on my Discord-Bot. Here it was no coding, but it was setting up new commands. My Discord-Bot is a project that I started basically as my very first Python project. It uses Notion as a backend, so no other database is involved. Notion is super user-friendly when it comes to editing databases. That bot will have to be rewritten at some point. But so far it's working as intended.

Day 4/100

Actually, it's not all about Python. Being hooked by Minecraft again lately, I also looked into Computer Craft which uses Lua to program own computers. I watched some tutorials on how to write Lua cause it would be nice to write my own program at some point and maybe do fun things with Computer Craft in the future. Remember, 100DaysOfCode in my version is about fun. Find stuff that interests you and find ways to implement them into your learning!

And those have been my past 4 challenge days. I will continue working on things this week. I feel like all the repetition gets me bored in the long run, so my brain wants new content. If you want to know, how I changed the rules in the challenge for me, then check out this article I wrote about doing the challenge in a healthy way.