Rockstar Programmers - New Discord Server to connect!

Rockstar Programmers - New Discord Server to connect!

Connect with like-minded people!


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Oh hey! Long time no see! I have been working hard on some of my projects and also reminded me that I have to do some of my content creation work, aside from programming and watching tutorials. But here I am and I have a little announcement.

I did start a Discord-Server!

Why did I start a server when I already have both hands full of work? I REALLY want to find people to connect to and to share my journey with. On the other hand, I also want to hear people's stories and try to help them connect to each other when looking for advice. For me, Discord has always been the place where I can connect with people since I use it in my daily work- and private life.

Now you may wonder, how you can join this mysterious Discord server. If you are on your PC and in your client or browser, you can simply join via: or when you are on mobile, you can join via the invite code C4WtRq2gYm.

My idea for this server

I want it all to be friendly, helpful, and casual. I love chill communities in which we can help each other as friends. I am not looking for another LinkedIn replacement but for actual human interaction. We can also maybe hang out in the evenings and talk about programming and other things. I have at least setup everything, so we can do this if we wanted to.

Why the name? It's kinda cringe.

Actually, I agree with that. I have watched the talk of Dylan Beattie who thought it was hilarious that companies always looked for "Rockstar-Engineers" or "Rockstar-Developers" or even "Rockstar-Programmers". So he thought it would be very funny to invent a Programming-Language, that is named "Rockstar" and that would consist of a Syntax that sounds like 70s and 80s Hard-Rock Songs. If you want to see this talk, look no further.

I found the whole story so hilarious, that I adapted the term in a self-ironic way. There you have it! If you want to connect, I would love to see you on Discord. Let's be friends!