How the pandemic got me into wanting to learn to program ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ˜ฌ - My journey as a complete Noob

How the pandemic got me into wanting to learn to program ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ˜ฌ - My journey as a complete Noob

Or how I procrastinate the pandemic with learning how to code


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Hey! I am Tiia and you are here to learn about how I stumbled into programming thanks to the pandemic.

Little Tiia tried to be friends with computers

To be fair, it's not quite true. I wanted to program since I was a teenager and learned about the existence of computers. I even tried to get into the programming classes in our middle school but was sent away because I was the only girl who applied and the teachers didn't think a girl was healthy for a male-only environment. So I took the L and went into the photography classes instead (it was my second choice, so I enjoyed it).

Between middle school Tiia and adult Tiia are now a few years and I did work subconsciously in tech a lot of times. I worked in archeology but my main job was measuring the excavation sites and visualizing the data into maps.

Later I set up CMS for customers for a few years and after that, I even worked as a Tech Journalist and blogger. But most of that was covering the hardware part of things.

Then the pandemic started

When the pandemic started I knew I needed a project that would make the lockdowns and waiting times not a waste of time and help me keep my sanity. So I went back to content creation, one of my most favorite hobbies and I bought my first JavaScript course.
Now another year later I decided to take a break from JavaScript because I fell in love with Python.

What to expect

In this blog, you will not find smart tutorials on how to do things. I will most likely be the person, reading your smart blogs about how to do things. BUT instead, you will find the programming journey of a neurodiverse girl, that loves dinosaurs and uses programming to procrastinate the pandemic.