How To Become A Hashnode Ambassador

How To Become A Hashnode Ambassador

Who doesn't want that cute golden circle?


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POV: You just joined Hashnode and are wondering why certain people have a golden frame around their picture or why other people's blogs do not look like a standard Hashnode blog? Look no further and let me explain.

Hashnode offers the Ambassador-Program that has a very low entry restriction, so even you can become part of it and maybe even get a free T-Shirt! But let's start from the beginning.

The Perks

The Perks of becoming an Ambassador are pointed out on the Ambassador-Infopage.

  1. You will get access to Beta-Features. Test the things before they are available for everyone!
  2. Let everyone know that you are an Ambassador by showing off the golden Frame around your profile picture.
  3. You will also get a reading history of the articles, you read online. Never lose track or an interesting piece of written knowledge you wanted to go back to.
  4. Did you ever wonder, who liked your articles? Who secretly sent you that heart? Ambassadors can see that as well!
  5. Access to Custom-CSS for your blog! Did you ever wonder how to make your blog more "you"? The Custom-CSS may help you here.
  6. You can connect your GitHub repository to your Blog and then publish articles automatically.
  7. And you will of course have access to the secret Discord channel in which Ambassadors get all the newest Infos about what Hashnode is up to.

Okay, What do I Need To Do?

You simply go to the Ambassador-Infopage and copy your personal referral link from there. You can then give that one to friends, family, and colleagues that also want to join this community. The threshold for being eligible for the Ambassador status is, that you successfully invited 3 people.

But You Mentioned A T-Shirt

I see, you didn't forget about this, huh? If you are the person with the most invited people for that day, you can win a Hashnode-T-Shirt. You find the current leaderboard on the Info-Page as well. If you haven't registered at Hashnode yet and allow me the shameless self-plug, this is my Referral Link. Feel free to use it for registering!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash