Gamify your Solo-Learning with Prodeus

Gamify your Solo-Learning with Prodeus

Tutorial Hell just became a little less scary!


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We are all scared about tutorial hell. The place where you jump uncontrolled from tutorial to tutorial and losing track about what you actually learned, which videos you watched, and where you are on your learning journey.

What if I tell you, that there is a website that helps you putting a system in all this mess and maybe even show you a red line within all your tutorials?

Meet Prodeus

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I just learned about Prodeus myself. It is a Chrome Extension with which you can track the time you actually watch your videos on YouTube, spend researching Wikipedia, or even reading blog articles. You can even add your own content. Many programming videos are already crowdsourced in the library by users. But if you see one that isn't, you can just add it yourself with the Prodeus overlay. Some are also put together as pathways that guide you through the language.


The overlay shows, which videos you watched and gives you points depending on what you did. The points are called Synergy.

And if you think "How is that getting me out of tutorial hell and not deeper into it?" There is an active community making quizzes to test your knowledge. There is also some kind of githubby (who thought I'd ever use that as an adjective) activity window. It also points you to other tutorial videos that might be helpful for you.


Statistics about your successes

You will get statistics about your learning and an onsite degree you can put on your site or linkedin. Yes it's no official degree or certificate but since almost every website offers certificates for learning things these days, it probably won't hurt either.


Gamify Tutorial Hell

I love to gamify my learning experiences because it makes me feel good about progress when the actual goal is still far away. I love statistics! Seeing numbers move, is the best. If you want to try it out, it's available for Chrome and free.

  • Not sponsored. Found out about it myself a few days ago and felt I needed to share it to my fellow learning struggle-buddies!